July 2015 Smashwords Summer Sale

The annual Smashwords Summer Sale is going on right now! Take anywhere from 25% to 100% off selected books. The Summer Sale is only from July 1st to July 31st so head over to smashwords.com, type in my name (Amber Douglas) and take off 25% to 100% off book prices.

Thank you to all those who enjoy my books!


Hear Ye! Hear Ye! The New Princess Is Born!

Princess Charlotte Elizabeth Diana has officially been named today. She was born Saturday 5/2/2015, at 8:34 am local England time, about 3:34 America time.

Significance of the names:

Charlotte, the feminine form of Charles, in honor of her grandfather, Crown Prince Charles. It had been used in England since the 17th century, with Queen Charlotte, George III’s wife. In pop culture, there is Charlotte the spider in Charlotte’s Web, and Charlotte Fairchild Branwell in the Mortal Instruments prequel series. Expect Charlotte to spike in popularity.

Elizabeth, in honor of Great Grandma Queen Elizabeth II. There were a number of royals with the name, with a variation Elisabeta in other countries. In pop culture, several actresses named Elizabeth.

Diana, in honor of The People’s Princess Diana, the mother of William and Harry. I tear up just writing her name.

Congratulations to the Duke and Duchess, and here’s hoping Charlotte will live long and prosper.

Spring 2015

This week is Spring Break. As always, so many things to do, so few finances. We replaced our gas hot water heater with an electric one which two days to do. It was interesting since we were doing it ourselves. Once we got it out, we discovered a calcium cap over a pipe. Apparently there were leaks and the minerals calcified to make the plug. Well, we got it off. The utility closet where it was nearly flooded. Luckily we managed to plug the hole. We forgot to turn off the water before doing this, so we did it soon after the “flood.”

Before we installed the tank, we had to run new wiring since we were switching from gas to electric. Problem: the electric panel outside was almost 30 years old. Half of it had been upgraded when we bought the house a few years ago, but the other half was needing an upgrade. Well, the wire was run through to the panel. Had to go back up into the attic to pull it through.

So, now we put in the tank and turned on the water. The reason why I say it took two days was that Day 1, we put in the tank and wiring. Day 2 was finishing it, checking to for leaks and sparks. Cleaning up the tools and other miscellaneous items.

There are new books out on my Smashwords page, The Mystery of Pine Lake. If you like ghost stories and summer, this is for you. As always, they are also available at all major ebook retailers.

Have fun on your Spring Break!


Being married means several families to spend Thanksgiving with. Some relatives live out of state, so they do their own Thanksgiving party. But for those who stay in one town, there’s a lot of “What are you doing for Thanksgiving?” The answer is “I dunno.”

“Who’s hosting this year?”
“I dunno.”

Growing up, my family was always on a timeline. Start cleaning the house. Plan the menu. Invite friends. Fix the food. Get the leaves for the tables from the garage. Set everything up with centerpieces.

Now that I’m hosting again, it’s more like this. Start cleaning the house. Plan the menu and figure out who is bringing what. Invite family and figure out who is coming when. Dig out the leaves for the tables from the storage shed and dust off the spiders. Figure out what centerpieces to use and make sure the cats don’t jump up on the table at the last minute.

Well, Thanksgiving will be interesting this year. Now, I just need to find out who’s hosting Christmas dinner this year.

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Marvel and summer

Well, spring didn’t go like we hoped. We expanded the garden and planted seeds only to have them dug up and eaten. The only 3 things – three, in a 24 ft long bed – are 2 tomato plants, 1 okra plant that’s taller than me (I’m 5′ 5″) and a basil bush. That’s it. We’ve caught God knows how many cotton rats, a few birds, and a few desert mice.

Other than that, summer was great for marvel! Agents of Shield will return in September, we saw Captain America the Winter Soldier, and most recently Guardians of the Galaxy. *Sigh*. With every Marvel movie now since Iron Man, I have a favorite or more in each one. Chris Pratt (StarLord/Peter Quill) is my new favorite. Oh, and Rocket the Raccoon. And Groot. And Drax. And Gamora. And the cool Nova Corps guys.

If you haven’t already seen Guardians of the Galaxy, go see it. Please.


Spring is officially here! What happened since my last post:

– Expanded the garden area to grow more vegetables
– Drained, fixed, and cleaned the pond in the backyard
– Sat through nail-biting episodes of Castle and Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD

And finally, on March 22nd, we had to put down our dog, Big Mama, a German Shepherd-Saint Bernard mix. She was 10 years old, and had been rescued by my sister in a park in winter. She was with us for two years, and is dearly missed.

As far as my book projects, those are on hold. Same with registering for university classes. Oh well. I’ll see what the later half of the year brings.

After New Year

Several things happened after the last post. First, we pulled up carpet in the office and spent a weekend swearing at the laminate floor (fingers were bruised afterwards), but it look awesome! Second, working on several genealogy side projects, which are giving me a headache as one of the ancestors had about 21 kids. So tracing them is a bear. Third, gritting my teeth and waiting for new episodes of my favorite shows to start.
I got registered at a local University, so hopefully I’ll my bachelor’s out of the way, as I have only 8 classes (24 credits) left to take, so hopefully I’ll knock it out in a year or so.
If you don’t know about my ebooks on Smashwords, please go to their site and search my name. So many to choose from, so many good reads.