Happy Independence Day!

237 years ago, our founding fathers signed a declaration to the King of England stating that they were fed up with the way the colonists were being treated and so declared their independence from England. The king wasn’t too happy because the colonists provided tax money to England so they could fight the war with France. Without that money, England couldn’t pay its soldiers and officers. Determined to keep the colonies under England’s control, the king sent armies over to America. The colonists united and fought a long hard battle which resulted in England’s surrender and the birth of a nation.

Fun facts about the Fourth:

– There were actually fourteen presidents before George Washington. The Articles of Confederation allowed one president per year. George Washington was elected president under the new Constitution.

– Independence Day was first celebrated in Philadelphia on July 8, 1776.

– The Liberty Bell rang on that day, to summon the citizens together for the first official reading of the Declaration by Colonel John Nixon.

– June 14th, 1777, the Continental Congress adopted the flag with thirteen stripes, with thirteen stars to represent a new constellation.

– The first White House Independence Day celebration happened in 1804.

– Both Thomas Jefferson and John Adams died on Independence Day, 1826, within hours of each other.

– 56 signed the Declaration, but not all at once. 50 signed it on August 2nd, 1776. The last one to sign was Thomas McKean in 1777.

– In 1941, the White House officially made Independence Day a federal holiday.

– Massachusetts was the first state to make Independence Day a state holiday in 1781.

– John Hancock, the President of the Continental Congress at the time, was the only one to sign the Declaration on July 4, 1776.

– Thomas Jefferson was selected by a Committee of Five to author the Declaration.

– Benjamin Franklin was the only one to sign both the Declaration and Constitution.

You can find more fun facts and trivia around the web. Make up fun questions and quiz your friends and family on their knowledge of the history of our great nation.

Have a safe and happy Independence Day!


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