Government shutdown aftermath

For those of you who were furloughed, I say kudos for being patient and sticking it out. Pres Obama refused to sign anything touching his baby, the healthcare law, so numerous deals which would have defunded Obamacare and had used that money for funding the governemtn (which would have left us with financial breathing room) were nixed. The only one he let pass was the one which had the requirement to verify income. That’s it. That’s all the Republicans were allowed to pass.

By the way, if you think the Republicans were to blame, don’t. They extended numerous invitations to the Senate Dems who refused to play ball. They refused to play the game unless they were allowed to change the rules, and expected the Republicans to follow them.

In the aftermath, my husband finally got to go back to work, but he told me this morning, he won’t know for how long. Still, he’s pulling in a paycheck. Fret not: all good things come to those who wait. If we’re patient, we can vote out Obama.

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